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22 October, 2014

YOU Gotta Learn To Cook – Here’s Five Dollars Of Proof

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You’re a young man out on his own at school or your first job. It’s dinner time and you’re hungry. You gotta learn to cook – here’s five dollars of proof!

Let’s say on Monday you make a quick pit stop at Subway for a $5 dollar foot-long sub sandwich to go? Tuesday how’s about a $5 burger meal at Wendy’s or Jack?  Hey – know what? – Wednesday let’s hit Little Caesars for a $5 pizza deal. Thursday is a Teriyaki a rice bowl for $5. And Friday – we’ll hit some happy hour spot with the fellas for $5 schooners and an all-you-can-eat mix of hot wings and…uh, sum-kinna friend cheese ball thing.

For the week you spend $25 for the main dinner item – not couning sides or beverage. How’s about you take that $5 to your local grocery store and buy a package of chicken for $5. Enough for a week of meals. AND you’ll save yourself $20 or so.  And it’s easy-peasy.

That’s exactly what the photo represents. A $5 dollar purchase (actually $4.61) at Kroger for a “picnic pack” of 8 legs and 6 thighs.  To prepare I dumped ’em in a large stainless steel bowl and seasoned with salt-n-pepper. Laid out the pieces on parchment paper (don’t have to use it, but it makes clean up easier) on a sheet pan and into a 350°F oven for about an hour and ten-minutes. Under the broiler for 5 minutes and —- voila!  You can brush on maple syrup, mustard, jam or BBQ sauce after cooking and let it sink into the still-hot skin. I count at least 5 meals in this package, plus maybe a late night snack. Of course I could also make sandwiches or add to my own home made rice bowl, etc. too!

Want more ideas to eat better AND save money?  Let me know what you want to cook and I’ll help you learn to choose what to buy, how to prepare it and learn to use it several different ways so you don’t get bored.  ~ Barry CB Martin

Here’s a link to an easy recipe for 7 Minute Roast Chicken

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