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17 April, 2015

How to Grill Chicken

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There is a phrase I say when preparing to grill chicken: “Dry Browns and Wet Steams.”


Most chicken is processed in a water bath as an efficient way to manage large quantities. It also happens to saturate the skin with water. When you buy a whole or chicken parts at the grocery store you’ll note that some of the water leaks out in the packaging – that’s why there is that absorbent pad packed into the tray or swaddling the whole chicken like a diaper. BUT the skin is pretty much a sponge and retains a lot of water. Before frying or roasting and especially before grilling you need to get that water out of there.

One way is to season the chicken in advance, place it on a wire rack over a tray and place that in the standard American refrigerator uncovered for a minimum of 4 and up-to 24 hours. The dehumidifying mechanism of the fridge will help to dry out the skin just enough to make it easier to brown when fried, roasted or grilled. Here’s something I wrote on that topic:  No More Burned Skin & Raw Chicken!

Guys in Aprons Grilled chicken

Chicken on the grill.

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When people tell me they love the flavor of food cooked on the grill – they often pair that with “I love the taste of food cooked over charcoal!”  I understand the sentiment but have to disagree with their conclusion that food grilled over charcoal somehow owes its flavor to the charcoal. Here’s something I wrote on that topic: Grilling Myths: Charcoal


What most people are really looking for is the flavor of wood smoke on and in their food. Here’s a quick lesson on that topic:   Grilled Chicken with a “Kiss” of Smoke

Food safety and proper handling procedures for all raw meat is important – especially chicken. Here’s a FREE PDF infographic on  How To Select, Handle & Cook Chicken

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